Maria DiDio's "Rose & Thorn"
Self Defense Fighting System 
for Women
"A System Designed for a Woman by a Woman"

Rose & Thorn Mission Statement

We at Rose & Thorn are committed to enlightening women of all ages, cultures and backgrounds in the importance of self protection and preservation. Our mission is to teach women how to avoid becoming victims, establish boundaries, improve self esteem, and move with confidence because we believe 


Multiple Seminar Options Available:

  • High School & College Safety
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Child Safety
  • Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention
  • Corporate & General
  • Teach the Teacher
  • Rape and Date Rape Prevention Seminars 
  • Private Sessions Available

Other Programs:

  • Judo Program
  • Private Women's Self Defense
  • Self Defense Parties, Clinics, Seminars & Speaking Engagements
  • Fitness Kickboxing & Strength Training Clinics & Classes
  • Personal Fitness Training Sessions with ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, Maria DiDio