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Maria DiDio's Fitness Kickboxing Programs:

This is a fun way for COED Adults to get a great work-out and learn Self-Defense Kickboxing Concepts at the same time. Fitness Kickboxing is not only a great fat-burning class coupled with circuit strength training. This class is a great way to develop stronger coordination, flexibility, strength, stamina and of course spirit of empowerment.

In a few months, participating in two classes a week, you will see major results in your body. You will be able to achieve the results you are looking for and results that you
didn’t even think you could attain.

Here are some testimonials:
“I’ve been playing Judo for over 20 years and wrestled avidly in high school, Sensei Maria’s Fitness Kickboxing classes has developed my stamina and controlled my breathing, so I am able to explain a Judo technique in a middle of a scrimmage without stopping to catch my breath.”
Mike, black-belt in Kodokan Judo

“I have been taking Kickboxing classes at other clubs for years, which included Cardio Kick-boxing and other aerobic classes. I never had a better workout than attending Sensei Maria’s Fitness Kickboxing Class.” Lisa

“I never worked out and I tried to avoid it as much as possible, since I have been taking
Sensei Maria’s Fitness Kickboxing classes, I can’t get enough. I never want to miss a work-out ever again. Her classes really start my weekend on a positive level.” Marie, (Mike’s Wife)

“ I am brand new to the Martial Arts, I am taking both the Fitness Kickboxing and the Rose & Thorn Self Defense Fighting System for Women with my daughter, Emily. I noticed that my coordination is so much better because I have been taking the Fitness kickboxing, that combination techniques are a breeze in the Women’s Self-Defense Class.” Terry

Watch the inches melt right off your body, while having fun and learning valuable techniques to protect yourself and your loved ones.



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