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Why Maria DiDio’s “Rose & Thorn” Self Defense Fighting System for Women?

Crime statistics are at an all time high. Due to budgetary constraints in Police Departments a police officer cannot be there at your beck-&-call every time you may need them. Nor will your man. The days of the knight in shining armor are a fairy tale. Women need to learn valuable skills to defend their lives and the lives of their children.

This program is specifically designed for a woman. Multiple Martial Arts techniques are combined with “Street Smart” self-defense concepts so that a woman will be able to defend herself in any situation.

Any woman at any age can learn to defend herself against an attacker, with a few well placed moves. You will learn the difference between what techniques are more effective compared to techniques that you might already know. This system also teaches techniques to control your breathing in high intensity situations. Developing your breathing will develop your power, strength and speed while performing well placed moves to disarm and subdue an attacker. 

Women’s Self Defense is not complicated. It is a very useful tool that is encouraged to be reinforced by consistent training. If you take the time weekly to get your hair and nails done, a Women’s Self Defense program such as Maria DiDio’s “Rose & Thorn” Self Defense Fighting System for Women is a perfect compliment for your time. The techniques you use are life saving. Our seminars are a quick start for immediate Self Defense, Awareness and Rape Prevention knowledge. You will learn that 90% of Self Defense is attitude and awareness. The rest is well placed and very effective technique.

What is learned in a Rose & Thorn Seminar?

  • Confidence - Turning from Prey to Predator
  • Breathing - Techniques to control your breathing and stay focused
  • Awareness - Know who or what’s around you at all times and how to handle it.
  • Power, strength & Breathing techniques.
  • Effective Techniques from all attacks, front, side, back, against the wall, floor, far front strike attack, multiple attackers, knife, gun.



High School & College Safety Seminar: Emphasis is placed on environmental awareness and never letting your guard down. Sensitive issues such as boundaries in relationships, date rape, self esteem and the relationship between personal safety and drug avoidance are discussed.

Anti-Bullying Program:  Designed with the elementary and secondary school aged child in mind.  Emphasis on verbal Judo; talking your way out of a conflict and defusing conflict among peers.

Child Safety Program: Emphasis on personal safety for children. Discussion on stranger danger and importance of communication with trusted adults. Children will use safe methods and queues that will help them understand awareness of their surroundings and what to do in any uncomfortable situation

Domestic Violence Seminars: Emphasis is placed on identifying and elevating levels of self esteem. Participants reflect on the question “Am I worth saving” through journal writing which acts as a springboard for empowerment.

Teach the Teacher: Emphasis is placed on classroom awareness and addressing gang related scenarios. Teachers learn how to establish boundaries, take control of the classroom and “show them who’s boss”. Teachers learn steps to deflect and defuse student aggressive behavior. 

Corporate & General Self Defense Seminars: Emphasis on developing confidence to defend yourself against an attacker. Learn basic strikes, kicks, blocks, escapes and ground fighting. Learn how to balance mind, body and spirit by controlling breathing. Employee morale builder. Programs specially designed for your corporate needs.

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