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Sempai Jackie Paez, Sempai Jackie Paez holds a black belt in Seido Karate, is a member of the National Women's Martial Arts Federation, and a certified instructor in Self Defense.She has dedicated the last 13 years of her training in world renowned Seido Karate. Her passion for martial arts was further fueled when she combined karate with mixed martial arts. Currently, she is expanding her training to include gun and knife disarmament.
Sempai Jackie is instrumental for her unique approach in helping women realize the connection between self esteem and self defense. Even women without a martial arts background can learn to understand how variables such as self awareness combined with emotional self control can affect the outcome of a threatening situation.  Sempai Jackie's work helps women to access the power of the mind and spirit so that women can change how they feel about themselves... one thought at a time.
By trade, she has been a secondary education English teacher for the last 18 years. Sempai Jackie received her BA in English at Stony Brook University, and her MA in the Teaching of Writing at Hofstra University. Her educational background also includes several courses in counselling at CW Post College. These attributes are what contributes to her belief that women need to look within and protect their own souls first before they can begin to understand and utilize the powerful components of self defense.

Her Most Recent Appearances:

Adelphi University, Garden City, NY on March 20, 2008 from 7-9pm in the Woodruff Main Gym for their Women's Appreciation Month- "Love Your Body" Campaign. Please see video link of our recent appearance at Adelphi:

Seminar Clip at Adelphi University 
East Islip Health and Fitness, 265 Main Street, East Islip, NY on April 26, 2008 from 2:30-4:30pm. 

Long Beach School's 2008 Graduate Women's only Self Defense Workshop at Combat Judo! Get your daughter ready for college by giving her the tools and knowledge to protect herself! Sunday, May 4th from 11:00am-1:00pm

KOGA Fitness, Selden, NY - Going back to school Self Defense and Awareness Seminar. Friday, August 1st, 2008

All Workshops include life saving information, mind altering activites, and powerful self-defense techniques.

Now teamed with Maria DiDio, we are proud to have Sempai Jackie as part off our organization. She is a true "value add" to all women aspiring to learn self-improvement and self-defense.